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Is it already the end of September!? Happy first week of autumn! 

The vast majority of students are keeping up with the semester schedule (or they're AHEAD of it), so kudos to the vast majority of students making the OLA program work for their success!

For a few though, this is the time of the fall semester that teachers have begun entering zeros in the gradebook. Remember that it is school policy that once an assignment deadline is three weeks passed, 70% is the highest grade one can earn on a late assignment (this isn't a punishment but an incentive to get work turned in before a deadline has passed). If this policy begins getting applied to late work you're turning in, even though 30% is deducted for late assignments, don't give up or fail to turn in assignments (a zero is a lot worse than a 70% regarding potential consequences at the end of the year for the program not working for you).

For the old returning "vets", FYI the latest version of Moodle finally notifies teachers if you resubmit an assignment (such as submit a zero), so unlike the past, students do not need to notify their instructor every time they have made-up a zero! Yay!

However, once zeros are entered for QUIZZES, unless the instructor knows to go in and cancel the grade over-ride, quiz zeros will remain until the teacher over-rides the zero.

For this reason, if you make-up a quiz once a zero has gone in the gradebook, PLEASE NOTIFY THE INSTRUCTOR OF ANY QUIZ MAKE-UPS. Also, if an assignment zero remains in the gradebook for more than a week after you have resubmitted the assignment, please politely notify the instructor via email that the made-up zero assignment is awaiting their grading. 

Thank you!