Hour of Code 2015

Hour of Code 2015

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 Watch a video about the Hour of Code -

Join Mr. Wright December 7- 11, 2015 learning about Computer Science by participating in an HOUR OF CODE!

Very few people know that in addition to being a lover of the English language, since 1995 Mr. Wright has designed and operated his own websites, so he speaks a little bit of a Computer Science language called HTML.  This is one reason Mr. Wright asked if he could sponsor this optional activity giving students the opportunity to learn about Computer Science and coding.

If you choose to participate in the optional HOUR OF CODE activity, you'll learn how to write a short computer program!  You'll also receive a Moodle badge- "Hour of Code 2015”, and you'll be mailed a hard copy certificate documenting your participation and new skills.

Remember this is how young, wealthy, computer programmers such as Mark Zuckerberg (the founder of Facebook) got started, and in the future there will be far more computer science coding jobs than there will be qualified programmers.  You never know where computer science could take you!

Directions to participate:
  • Go to

  • Click on "Sign up” & create your own account (use your school email as your login).

  • Then join Mr. Wright's section at:

  • Then just follow the directions for your hour of code!

  • Optionally, students already acquainted with basic coding concepts may be interested in exploring the website  If you would prefer to work for an hour on this more advanced website, email Mr. Wright a screen snip demonstrating an hour's worth of work coding, and you will receive the badge and certificate (but even more importantly you'll be building your coding skills for the future).

  • If you have any questions, please email

Thank you!