Late Work Reminder; Semester Ends December 17

Late Work Reminder; Semester Ends December 17

by Dirk Oden -
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As the end of the semester approaches (it ends December 17), this is a good time to post a reminder about late work.

Unless prior approval has been granted, the following policy applies to all 6th through 12th grade student work for the 2015 Spring Semester: 

Any complete assignment that is submitted three weeks or more past the target due date for the assignment can receive a grade no higher than a 70%, C-. (Note that this does not extend the semester due date by three weeks - all work is due at the end of the semester). Conversely, any student who successfully completes a class a week or more prior to the end of the semester will earn an additional three percentage points added to their final grade  (for example, an 88% becomes a 91%).

Two important beliefs our staff hold relating to pacing in classes are:

1) Flexibility is important to meet individual needs

2) Working regularly in classes results in notable educational growth, and doing marathon last-minute sessions to complete classes has little educational value.

This policy honors both of those beliefs.

Work hard on your classes during these last few weeks, and ask your teachers for help any time you need it.