The Count Window is Here!

The Count Window is Here!

by Dirk Oden -
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The Count Window is now open for online students across the state. Auditors from the Colorado Department of Education look at the activity logs of every online student in Colorado to determine if the school will get funding for the student. It is because we receive this funding that there is no charge to families for students participating in the program, so it is very important that students meet the count requirements to finalize their official enrollment in OLA. 

The Count Window is this week and next week. Students need to meet these requirements:
•    Log in and complete work in each class each school day this week
•    Log in andcomplete work in each class especially on Thursday, October 1, the Official Count Day
•    Log in and complete work in each class each school day the week of October 5.

Any work for a class in Moodle, Aleks, Compass Learning, Mango Languages, and Typing Agent counts for that class. Also, completing the Galileo Testing (see below) for a subject counts as work for that class that day.

Thank you for ensuring your student meets this important requirement. If you have any questions about the count window requirements, contact Mr. Oden at or 719.852.2212