IMPORTANT - NWEA Testing Information

IMPORTANT - NWEA Testing Information

by Adam Atencio -
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Testing season is in full swing.  Thank you to all our families who traveled to meet one of our staff at a testing location or will be traveling this week.  Having OLA students in our building participating in state testing has been great!  

You will be receiving information from your advisor about NWEA Testing next week on  April 30th, May 1st, and May 2nd from 1 pm to 4 pm each day (You will need to log on each day by 3 p.m.)  Testing should only take students about an hour to complete each day and can be accessed at any time these afternoons. 

Here is the rundown -  


  • Tuesday, April 30th, anytime between 1-4 pm (Reading)

  • Wednesday, May 1st, anytime between 1-4 pm (Math)

  • Thursday, May 2nd, anytime between 1-4 pm (Science)

What to expect: 

  • Your advisor will email you a link, session name, and passcode to each test before 12:45 pm each day; you can access the test anytime after that up through 4 pm (the test must be started by 3:00 pm and can go past 4 pm but if your test is paused due to rapid guessing, it cannot be reset until the next school day). 

  • Students usually spend about one hour on each test.  It's okay to spend more or less time as needed.  Rapid guessing closes the test and you have to wait for it to be re-opened by a test administrator.

  • Tests are adaptive, which means question difficulty changes based on previous correct or incorrect answers.

  • This is a required assessment for all MVOLA students. 

  • To access the test, you will follow this link or the one provided by your advisor before testing (same link).

NWEA is an adaptive assessment, which means the test is designed to tailor the level of difficulty based on previous correct and incorrect answers.  The test will continue to change throughout the assessment.  Please do not be alarmed if your student answers test questions incorrectly.  It is expected that students are not able to answer some questions correctly, so please do not help them with the test.  For more information about NWEA, please visit our test information page here.

Thank you for all you do to make our school great!  If you have questions or concerns about NWEA testing, please reach out to the school at 719-852-2212 or Mr. Atencio at

Mr. Atencio