Important ELA Announcement

Important ELA Announcement

by Rebekah Johnson -
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MVOLA and DELTA Family - 

Due to a medical emergency, our ELA teacher, Mr. Bill Golsan, will be out of the building for the foreseeable future. We are sending him our best wishes as he begins his journey toward recovery after a significant neurosurgical procedure.

MVOLA is fortunate to have Mrs. Gibbs provide support in Mr. Golsan's ELA classes. Mrs. Gibbs previously taught secondary English for four years in our district. Should you have questions or need assistance in your English classes, please email Mrs. Gibbs at or Mrs. Johnson at

Thank you for your understanding. If you would like to send well wishes to Mr. Golsan, you can do so via email (I will make sure he gets them) or by sending a card to the school @ 345 East Prospect, Monte Vista, CO 81144.

Mrs. Johnson