State Testing

State Testing

by David Davoudlarian -
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Good morning all and Happy Monday.

State testing is coming up this Spring and you all need to have some information.

11th grade students are going to take the SAT this year along with the CMAS Science test. 11th grade students have 2 options (I emailed students about this last week)

1. I can email students a voucher for the SAT and they can take it on March 12, 2022 hopefully close to home (this is not always the case)

2. Students can travel to Monte Vista and take it here in our building.

The SAT is 1 of several options that the State of Colorado Department of Education has identified as a graduation requirement (I emailed that to students last week as well)

The PSAT 9 and the PSAT 10 are also coming up. I will have a schedule for MVOLA students who can take the PSAT soon (I am still nailing things down).

CMAS will be for grades 4-8 and the window for that starts April 11 through the 29th (more information coming soon)

Please email me with any questions.