Intent to Return Forms

Intent to Return Forms

by Rebekah Johnson -
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MVOLA recently sent out Intent to Return forms with your 3rd Qtr Progress reports.

It is very important that we receive these forms back. We are getting ready to plan for next year's (20/21) enrollment. These forms are your way of letting MVOLA know if you plan to continue to be enrolled in our school next year or if you plan to withdraw and enroll in another program.

Your response is very important as it allows us to secure your enrollment and helps us to determine how many new students we can invite to enroll.

The deadline for returning the Intent to Return form is May 1, 2020.

If you have not yet sent your completed form, you may email it directly to .

I have attached a copy in case you need to access it.

Intent to Return

**Please be aware that receipt of this form does not guarantee enrollment. Students must demonstrate that they are meeting performance and attendance guidelines for final approval of enrollment.