Testing and Spring Break

Testing and Spring Break

by David Davoudlarian -
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Happy Monday everybody!

Just two weeks left in the 3rd quarter, and that means only 2 weeks until Spring Break. Spring Break will be the week of March 16-19. Use this time to relax and enjoy some well deserved rest.

Starting April 6th to the 24th is our state testing window. Some 11th graders will be taking the SAT earlier than this window, so if you are in 11th grade and received a voucher from me, you know who you are. 11th grade students will also be taking the CMAS Science assessment this year, so please, be on the lookout for my email regarding that.

For the rest of you more information will be coming out next week. You and your parents will receive an email with specific test dates and locations.

If you CANNOT be at your assigned testing site on the specific dates, please let the office know. If you do not the State of Colorado reduces our rating and it could have serious ramifications on our enrollment. So, please, let the office know if you cannot be at your specified testing location.

If you or your parents have any questions please let me know.

Thanks for your attention.

Counselor Dave