Day at the Capitol Report

Day at the Capitol Report

by Ethan Huff -
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Students who attended the Day at the Capitol field trip did an awesome job representing OLA -- check out Gracie Steele's video montage of the day:

From left: John G., Jacob M., Jesse A., Joey S., Izzy S., Tammy S., Abbie N., Rose M., Graeme L., Dante M., Vicki L., Mr Huff, Anita T-S., Joseph D., Matthew S., Gracie S., Jason S., Kimber C., and Mary D.  (Not pictured:  Mr Wright, Ed D., and Barbara F.)

Our bus left Monte Vista at 5am, picking up students in three towns along Hwy 160.  We arrived at the History Colorado Center around 10am.

At the History Colorado Center, we made posters in support of online education and checked out some exhibits. 

John and Jacob work on creating yearbook entries for an early Colorado town's school.

Kimber and Gracie take a break on the front porch of a replica early Colorado home. 

Our group was the first to arrive at the at the Capitol for the rally -- it was a beautiful day in the 70s.

The rally itself was well attended with about 600 people present.

Following the rally, we toured the Capitol -- first stop was the dome!

Abbie enjoys the view from the dome's balcony.

Joey, Graeme and Vicki take a look at a model of the Capitol during our tour of the inside of the historic building. 

We got to see the inside of the House of Representatives and learn about how laws are made in Colorado.

The "Presidential Gallery" was particularly cool.

Just as we were leaving, we spotted Representative Donald Valdez of La Jara, Colorado, who represents much of the San Luis Valley region where Monte Vista is located. 

Thanks to all students and parents who came on the trip, it was a fun day!