Congratulations Elias!

Congratulations Elias!

by Dirk Oden -
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Elias Science Fair

Elias Arredondo presented his project, "Block That Wave", at the San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair.

Elias experimented with various types of metal foil to see how they affected the signal used to communicate with a radio-controlled car.

Elias was awarded the Caterpillar Award. This award is given to a student who displays exceptional enthusiasm and outstanding communication skills when presenting his or her project. As a part of this award, Elias will be interviewed by two different radio stations. 

Elias also earned Third Place in Physics. Kudos to his parents and Ms. Davey for supporting Elias throughout his project.

Students in all grades - OLA is very supportive of science fair and can help you enter a regional fair wherever you live in the state. High school students can earn credit for taking the Science Research Seminar class in which they develop a science fair project.

Great job, Elias!

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