Sunday, 28 May 2023, 1:14 AM
Site: Monte Vista On-Line Academy
Course: Monte Vista On-Line Academy (MVOLA)

Bill Golsan - English Instructor

Mr. Golsan spent most of his teaching life in the Alamosa Schools, but he found an opportunity to move up in the world.  Bill has spent 28+ years working with students in the classroom and as a coach.  He attended Adams State University where he earned his BA and MA degrees many years ago.  Mr. Golsan is a San Luis Valley native.  He loves the people of the valley, the diverse history, the culture and the open spaces,  "I love elbow room. It is important to breath that in."   Both of his parents are retired educators, and his mom, Wanda, taught elementary in Monte Vista for twenty years.  Mr. Golsan has three children, a little fat dog and two annoying cats who watch his place when he is out.  He also loves movies, art, music and wishing he could travel more.