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Happy 2018, and on behalf of the OLA-DELTA staff, we hope everyone's break was excellent, and we welcome everyone back to school!

As staff left for the winter break, I was very content listening to stories of pride and success for all the students who worked hard during fall semester. For everyone who put forth their best effort, the staff is grateful and thanks you. We're proud of you!

Yesterday, before moving students into their new semester classes, teachers submitted their grades for fall semester. I will get report cards in the mail as soon as I can, but because of the time it takes to get the mailings ready, please expect report cards to arrive no earlier than next week. I thank everyone for their understanding.

Because the beginning of the semester is a "rush" of administrative logistics that sometimes require tweaks of schedules, resetting passwords, etc., as well as the fact that we're a relatively small "family" (120 online students, 30 on-site students, 6 teachers, 2 administrative assistants, 1 counselor, and 1 director), I want to schedule this first week of the semester as a flexible "Orientation to the New Semester" week.

This is to ease anxiety about getting started on time or falling behind from the very start. Heads up, for those of you who don't require the time for orientation support, please feel free to get started in classwork and get ahead!

Here is this semester's weekly schedule: 

OLA families, I have assigned staff members as different grades' online advisers (a primary contact person for questions and needs). Feel free to continue contacting any staff member you feel comfortable reaching out to, but for the official adviser list, here is who to initially contact depending upon your grade level:

  • 4th, 5th, 6th grade, please contact Mrs. Davey
  • 7th grade, please contact Ms. Newmyer
  • 8th grade, please contact Mr. Huff
  • 9th grade, please contact Mrs. Simon
  • 10th grade, please contact Mrs. Moore
  • 11th grade, please contact Mr. Haddican
  • 12th grade, please contact Mr. "Dave" Davoudlarian

For questions related to scheduling, please contact Mr. "Dave" Davoudlarian.

For questions related to special education, please contact Mrs. Simon.

Here's to the start of 2018 and our spring semester!