Broadcast of 3D Print

Broadcast of 3D Print

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On Thursday, February 9th, starting in the morning and throughout the day, I'm going to broadcast a 3D print I am going to be doing.  Feel free to check it out via BigBlueButton.

Here's what I am going to be printing today:  Tower of Pi

If you want to look for things that could be printed, go to "Thingiverse" (it's a website where you can download the files to make a 3D print) and search all the different things that we could print.  Please keep in mind we are limited by the size of our printer.

Just follow this link to broadcast: 3D Printing

You should get this window poping up:

BBB join session

After that, you should get this window, click on Microphone if you want to talk with me:

microphone join

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